To be a people who are compelled to fight injustice, serve others compassionately, and join God’s activity in the world.

The Mercy Project is just one way in which we play our role in God’s story of love. We strive to identify partners with shared values to avoid competition, reduce duplication, seek transformation, and maintain dignity.

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Global Partner

Fondwa, Haiti

We are partnering with local pastors and leaders in Fondwa, Haiti to support an economic training program, Muso, developed by Heart to Heart International which will empower the village to become financially self-sufficient and sustainable. Muso, a microfinance solution, comes alongside committed leaders in the community to train them on how to save and manage money and expand already existing businesses. In turn, these same leaders return to educate and provide opportunities for their community members. Muso also trains leaders on how to utilize their financial resources to work together to solve common issues like education, social services and access to fresh water.

We have reached our goal of $32,000 and fully funded the Hope for Haiti Project!!!!!!

Thank you so much for your generosity. After communicating the completion of our goal to Heart to Heart International, we were informed that our funds will actually be training a minimum of 300 individuals in Fondwa! Our original understanding was that we would be funding 30 individuals. That means that the impact of your donation and your faithfulness will be making a HUGE impact on this community! Even larger than we originally dreamed. This was a big goal for us, but GOD’s impact is even BIGGER!!



Community Partners

Midland Open Door

Open Door

Midland’s Open Door desires to see the homeless, hungry and hurting experience the life-transforming power of the gospel of Christ, becoming godly disciples and faithful stewards of all God has given them.



The focus of MCFOAR is to help any and all former offenders with their successful reintegration into productive societal life, improving not only their quality of life, but that of their families, neighborhoods, and our community as a whole.

Bridge Food Center

The Bridge

The Bridge is a grocery store with wholesale prices to serve anyone with a household income of $56,000 or less. It is run by volunteer staff who love to serve the community.

How to get involved

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